Group bookings


Unlugar Restaurant offers you an intimate and close place to make your group dinners, company dinners, family celebrations, romantic dinners or simple meetings of friends.

You must first contact by email to receive the authorization code and follow the instructions relevant to the reservation

If you already have the “Reservation code”, select the number of people and click on pay

* Note:This product is only valid with the SPECIAL activation CODE sent by Unlugar Restaurant

* Credit cards accepted: Visa and MasterCard

We accept Visa and mastercard




Group Reservation

In three simple steps you can make and confirm your reservation for groups.

1-Request Availability

To consult the availability for a special event, complete the form, send us an email to info@unlugarbcn.com, or call us directly to the phone + 34 937 63 74 41

2-Our answer

We will send you an email with the date and time of the pre-booking, and a codeto complete the payment form with your details and formalize the reservation in the “Store” section of our website.

3-Confirm your reservation

To confirm your reservation at Unlugar restaurant, you must pay the amount specified by our staff. (This amount will be deducted from the total amount).

Within the form in “order notes” points to the number of people and the day and time that we have provided by email.

For any queries, contact us info@unlugarbcn.com – + 34 937 63 74 41


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